Day 8 from Ledbury to Kidderminster

Great to be back praying and riding!…. Had early start.. train from Tiverton to Worcester and onto Ledbury. Was hard saying goodbye to family on the platform. Arrived Ledbury at 12.30 and made a point of tracking to the South of the town to ensure seemeless link between legs.

Roadside mirror.. just checking my hair !

Once I’d been to last times finish point I made may way North through various villages and along the side of the Malvern Hills towards Stourport on Severn. Some challenging up’s followed by some lovely downhills!

I stopped in one small village with just one shop there was a young guy in his 20s serving.. I brought myself some lunch and had a chat with him.. after asking where I was going he asked the perhaps next obvious question …. WHY? And then it’s just too easy.. when I asked if he believed in miracles he said yes no yes.. said he believed in some things but didn’t know God. I gave him my testimony and he was then realy interested. After being interrupted by another customer (really) I then gave him a trypraying booklet which he gladly accepted and chatted to him about his destiny.

I rolled on towards Stourport. Had some interesting insights from The Holy Spirit in one geographic area that I was able to pray into and then peace again!

On arrival in Stourport the fair was in town so had a short time prayibg about that. I enjoyed exploring the boats and boat yards for a few minutes then hadn’t realised my route took me onto the Staffs and Worcester Canal. Had a lovely ride in countryside while praying for the towns and villages I was passing through.

I arrived in Kidderminster with the wrong postcode so did a couple of extra miles but they did the legs no harm.

Staying with friends Jeff and Esther. Hugely blessed by their hospitality Jim

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