Day 13 – The Moor (nr Fyling Dales) to Beverley

So last night’s smiles were slightly put out by the torrential rain that woke me up. Because I’d gone light and not included a tent or tarp in my stuff I was inside my bivi bag zipped upwith the fabric 3 inches from my face praying the rain stop and stop it did. Thank you Jesus.

As soon as I heard it abating, I jumped out, got dressed and stuffed my gear in the panniers, and got riding.. more hills. I did about 10km and then arrived in Thornton le Dale for the most wonderful breakfast.

After breakfast I had a divine appointment with a guy stood at the bus stop.. (I wasn’t getting on.. no cheating!) He asked me about my bike and then what I did for work… I had the opportunity to share my whole testimony and then the bus came before I could pray for him but said I would as I rode on..

Chocolate Box Cottage in Thornton Le Dale

I continued over some lumpy hills and had another opportunity to meet a cyclist and chat briefly about what I was doing.

Met John (pastor) at King’s Church in Beverley doing an amazing work locally and international aid at the same time.. joined prayer for Israel group and second half of a bible study before heading for bed.

GB Jim

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  1. James Dennis

    Looks beautiful! I thought weather might play a part when praying: glad it stopped for you. Allez allez allez!

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