Opportunity after worship

A story from a member of the NDHOP team:

“The North Devon House of Prayer has a worship night every other Monday where we minister to the Lord with no other agenda than to pour out our love for Him through worship. Last Monday there was such an intense glory of His presence. I find these times life changing and every time His presence draws in the lost. During worship there were some young teenagers about 13 to 14 years old looking in the windows. After worship I was walking out with a friend and they started to talk to us asking if we are Christians. One lad says “how do you know God is real?” I said “because I feel his presence”. With the other five listening in I shared how no other God is real, not all roads lead to him as the world says, but only through Jesus Christ. I challenged the lad I was speaking to get in a solitary place and ask Jesus to meet with Him then to come back to the House of Prayer and to speak with me when he had done so. There was such a sense of breakthrough in the atmosphere that there was hardly any mocking at all as I responded to their questions.”

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