Neck and headache healed

A team from NDHOP has been prayer walking the North Devon boundary for the past 18 months. A few weeks ago C was due to be joining the team out prayer walking that day when she woke up with an intense headache and a frozen neck and shoulder.  After informing the team she couldn’t join them, they began to pray for her at the prayer room.
She text not long later to say it was feeling better and she would meet them at the start point.
She was still having a very painful headache and stiffness in her neck and shoulder so thagnshe couldn’t turn her head to the left.
The team prayed for her at the side of the road and rebuked the pain in Jesus name and commanded it to leave and asked for full movement to be restored.  After praying 2 or 3 times her headached left completely and she had full movement of her neck and head without any pain.
(Not only that but one of the guys praying for her had a pain in his elbow which also left whilst praying for her)

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