Healing in Gambia

Below is the testimony of a team that went on a mission trip to Gambia in February 2014, who we prayed for whilst they were there…..

Healings in The Gambia.  In all these we said we would pray in the name of Jesus the son of God, the Christian God.  Each person accepted this. Koto !!!!  With Ellie and Amy.

The 1st compound Christian lady had poor vision, one leg shorter than the other by over 4” and a deformed ankle.  Oh Lord how you loved on her.  Eyes got clearer, leg grew about 2” but needs  4” more.  Stiff ankle was pliable and began to straighten.  We will visit tomorrow.  Visited a compound where Ellie spoke French.  Man was ill but refused prayed. We were able to pray generally and release peace.  The man whose eyes were hostile when we arrived looked at us with loving eyes.

Prayed in 7 compounds. Met an ex pupil of seedlings who took us around the poorer compounds where we met a man who had chronic pneumonia and prayed God’s breath and life into him and his breathing improved.  He said he was better.  Holy Spirit asked me to ask him if he had sinned. Man said he had fornicated and repented to Jesus.  Ellie had word of forgiveness through Holy Spirit explained about God’s promise of forgiveness and prayed forgiveness for him.  We left a bible.  The man had worked for 8 years in Birmingham where he contracted the pneumonia.  They drink all day in that compound so we prayed against alcoholism. Girl with menstrual pains healed. She told others around compound and prayed we for woman with infected finger.  Advised her to bathe it 4 times daily in salty water.  Man asked us to pray for brother crippled down one side thru stroke.  No movement in leg or arm.  Help Lord I haven’t the faith.  Both Ellie and I praying as we go up road.  The man lived in a hut and moved by holding onto the rafters with his good arm pulling himself up moving his good leg and dragging the other. Ellie took the lead and man walked very stiffly!  I prayed for knee and felt blood flowing thru (thought he had wet himself – sorry Lord). He bent his knee. We move outside where he walked around and did squats!!! Prayed for lifeless and heavy arm.  He lifted it above his head. ( Hand still stiff and fingers unable to grip.)  Praise God.  Everyone so happy.  Left bibles.  

Prayed for lady with stiff, sore arm along the road and she began to move it and had a lovely smiley face. Went to see lady with leg and foot.  Leg longer, prayed and now it’s the same size as the other.  Foot has turned in slightly.  Involved family with prayer.  Ellie felt it will heal slowly and the family should continue with prayer. Prayed for Ella’s bronchitis and Ellie’s cold.  Both healed.  

Prayed with Ruthy and Ella for Ellie.  After we left she was able to go and buy some biscuits to eat so hopefully she can come to Tendaba. Wellingara While presentation and songs were going on 4 people asked for healing from toothache.  All pain gone.  The man who was translating for me testified to this after presentation and before we asked permission to pray for sick.  

We then went in 3s to pray.  The translator man took us to the Arcola who had one leg shorter than the other PTL now both legs same length.  Prayed for knee, hip, ankle and back.  All now in alignment.  Omar prayed too.  Noticed juju around neck and challenged him.  He said he would remove it and burn it in secret.  He said Jesus was more powerful.  Sonia explained he either believed in Jesus or juju not both.  Prayed for Iman who had not eaten in 3 days.  Reminded of Jesus in the tomb and rising on 3rd day.  Spoke life and healing.  He drank water and brought up mucus.  He said the pain had gone. Tendaba Camp Walking back from dinner with Patricia and a Christian guy called Sarji asked for prayer.  He had an injured knee and it couldn’t be cured.  Patricia watched him walk as we found somewhere to pray.  He was favouring one leg.  Prayed swelling to go, inflammation decrease and infirmity out in Jesus’s name and commanded healing in Jesus’s name.  Knee healed PTL.  He could bend it.

Sibito   Ellie had a baby on her lap that is badly deformed and we left the circle to pray.  His hands are at shoulders.  No bones in shoulder or arms, no elbows or wrists.  Unable to grip with left hand and cannot walk.  His name is Musa and is 5 but looks 18mths.  Jesus created shoulder bones, shoulder joints; bone in upper arm, arms grew to elbows.   There were dimples at hands which looked like elbows.   Jesus created elbows. The arms grew a bit more but not much definition between elbow and hand with no wrists but wrists started to form.  Musa can raise his new arms and wriggle his fingers.  Eli, Amie, Helen Melville and I were praying and each time a part was created we called someone to testify to it.  This little lad just sat and beamed at us as his limbs were created, he knew he was being healed.  Helen had the anointing for his legs and we all prayed for them to grow and be strong.  They seemed to grow stronger and then she supported him as he walked to his mum.  Gripping like mad to Helen.  He had never attempted to walk just shuffled on his bottom but he knew how to use his legs and walk.  His legs cannot support him as yet but we prayed for his healing to continue.  We prayed for 1 ½ hrs. and were exhausted and then it was time to leave. We left money for treatment for his stomach by a doctor. She is Senegalese and cannot be treated free but we hope Musa can be treated and helped.  He kept looking at us with such love. Koto Lady with leg has hip out of alignment.  Prayed alignment and it began to move.  Prayed for continued healing.  Paralysed man doing gardening!!! Prayed that his hand would grow straight and it did.  Gave him an audio bible in Fulla.  

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