Fasting – Part 1

So.. Fasting. A subject that some love and some hate.

My personal journey started with fasting as a young Christian. I’d heard it mentioned at Church and touched on in a few books. I’d obviously seen it in the bible but just glided over it… until that is I started attending a bible study where on occasion we’d be asked to respond at the end of study.  I’d already realised a life lived my way was’nt really living. So would always put my hand up requesting to be used by God. After some months I felt a gaining interest in doing things God’s way. A desire to explore what fasting was about started to burn within.  I listened to some teaching about it and thought ‘ I want to be closer to God’ I’ll give it a go. The problem was,  although I succeeded in getting through my self appointed task I hadnt invited God, Jesus or The Holy Spirit into my endeavours thus it largely remained a task subjecting the flesh without any real change. It was shortly after coming on staff at NDHOP in 2009 that I started to build fasting into my lifestyle.

We know from the bible that God desires relationship and obedience from us. So it’s important if you feel your being led to fast that your heart, personal motivation, attitude are right.

It is worth noting at this point if you are looking to fast to bend a situation to your liking you maybe wise to re-evaluate.  Indeed if you are seeking to fast to loose weight, to become righteous or to tell others how great you are may I suggest your looking in the wrong place…. Gal 2:16 only one way to be justified… put your trust in Jesus. That’s the only way to become righteous in God’s eyes.

If you want to bring God glory. Tune in to his plan and purpose for your life, your family, community, region or nation. To charge your prayer life and respond to God’s calling on your life – Your looking in the right place!

More to follow. …

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