Days 16 Ayr to Seamill

With the promise of breakfast at the Ywam base it was a 4am start (in the morning.. ha) stuffed an orange, some stale bread and a banana in, just to ensure I didn’t run out of steam. I made my way through Ayr past the beaches and industrial units to Irvine and Troon. (Past I don’t know how many golf courses)

Ayr at 5am

For those interested I am using an app called Komoot to help me. So I look at the paper map, then plot that into komoot (the GPS tracker) and that will either give me my route, or as a roll, record where I ride.

Although I prefer the old ways (paper) it has saved me so much time in enabling me to find cycling routes through towns and cities that otherwise would have taken hours.

Today I arrived at YWAM for 8am and met Rachel and the team. We have a number of mutual friends so it was so great to put names to faces. I had breakfast then got a shower (I was a but concerned people would melt if they got too close ) They were so honouring, Rachel not really knowing me, but through friends, invited me to share for 15 minutes and didn’t even complain when I went long. (Like that’s never happened before 藍) and the team there then prayed and prophesied over me it was great !!!

The afternoon I was generously lent a car and headed off towards Glasgow for a prayer assignment. It was really novel driving after so many miles on the bike. Got back for dinner then, with some of the students and staff had a great time in prayer and worship.

This place felt so like home.. do check out their courses. See the link below.


  1. Yolanda

    Hi Jim! Do good to have met you and worship/prayed together! Rachael is such a wonderful connector in the Body! So delighted you felt at home at Seamill Center and blessings for your continued journey!

    1. Jim Ware

      Thanks Yolanda was great to be with you all!

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