Day 9 Kidderminster to Brewood

I had a near miss this morning… I’d just got up and nearly zipped my Jersey up through my chest hair :o) After that near miss I had my breakfast with Jeff and Esther and then rolled out of Kidderminster towards the Severn Valley in the direction of Bridgnorth. Bit of a contrary day weather wise, with the wind from the North most of the day it was too warm for a coat yet too cold for a short sleeved Jersey…

Day 9 Route

This whole area had been quite close to my heart as when growing up my parents had a caravan for a time near Quatford in the Severn Valley. So it was nice to go back and see some of the places my parents frequented. In my BC days I’d also spent many hours riding my bike around this area.

Bridgnorth on The River Severn

Leaving Worcestershire all was peaceful but then approaching Shropshire I just felt an air of contention.. it was only 2 minutes later and two guys were having a full blown argument on the side of the main road.. time to pray!

Once through Bridgnorth I continued towards Coleport and Ironbridge unfortunately on the wrong side of the river! There looked to be cycle trails on the East and West I chose East only to find the trail went through private land and I couldn’t access it! I continued on the main road for some miles then had my lunch in Ironbridge.


I left Ironbridge through Coleport and up to Little Wenlock. My destination.. ‘The Wrekin’. For those in the know, this is a high point in Shropshire giving views for many miles. I arrived at the base, hid my bike, front wheel and panniers and then made my way to the summit.

View from the Wrekin towards Telford

I had a great time of Prayer on the top and met a couple of local guys on the way down. I had felt Jesus showing me I needed to chat to them. So I asked for some local knowledge, re route choice and the conversation came round to what I was doing and why. I spent sometime sharing testimony, God’s perspective from His word and then gave them a copy of ‘trypraying’. A fruitful time.

I still had a further 20 miles to my destination and my knee was sore so I just spun my legs and covered the ground without rushing. I was really chuffed to return to my old village in Staffordshire, particularly having ridden there under my own steam ! Staying with family friends tonight… thanks Jim


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