Day 9 Berwick on Tweed to Alnwick (Alnmouth)

Last night I’d camped after a local gave me a heads up on some common land I could use. So some 400m from tesco I found my spot.. I was tired but happy as I’d ridden 110km over some big hills.

So with phone  battery fading and battery banks empty I said goodnight to Mary and turned in.

I had  a great sleep with intention of early rise a to get on the road. Wheels were rolling before 7.30am (just) and I really had to remind my legs what they were in for.

I spent sometime reflecting on Scotland. The hospitality, the friendships the timing of God and the fact I’d just ridden (the not so easy route) across a country. I felt Gods pleasure and little did I know how the next 40 miles would go.

I dropped into tesco and picked up yet another battery bank.. my last phone easily dealt with l my IT requirements.. this one needed constant nursing. Fortunately I have a pretty good sense of direction and so can happily get by without the tech but communication is helpful!!

So I felt to follow the Northumberland cycle trail for the first but of the ride which took me down to the beach towards holy island. Holy Island was in mist and tide wasn’t favorable so continued on towards Alnwick.

It was while entoute with again failing phone batteries that I realised the actual location of Bob and Mary’s house.. only a few miles on from Alnwick (not a problem) but when your phone dies there was no way of locating their house…

I got some charge in my phone and then realised if I made the train I could get to York and then a direct train to Tiverton.. the question.. was there room to book my bike.. 12.10 (which I nearly made) no bike spaces.. 13.10 did so time to head south. Thank you Jesus.

The train to York worked and I’m ten minutes from Tiverton as I wrote this.

So home for a week or so, Marys birthday and time with the children.


  1. buddy

    well done dad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. James Dennis

    Hi Jim
    Sorry, only just caught up with your progress after a week of distractions! Sounds/looks like you had an amazing time, albeit sometimes a cold and wet one. Well done for the epic journey and for your prayers. Not a coincidence surely that you were in Scotland during all the political challenges of the last week!
    Catch you soon.

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