Day 6 – Severn Crossing to Ledbury

All in all not a bad nights sleep.. last night, once I’d cleared Bristol, I made my way to the Severn Crossing. (See big bridge below) I tried a campsite only to find they only take caravans so I decided to bivi out on the side of the cycle route. Cooked myself Chicken Tika Masala and rice followed by chocolate fudge pudding with caramel sauce. Yum ! Pitched my tarp over a fence got my sleeping bag out and settled down for the night.

Severn Crossing
Bivi/Camp next to cycle track

I got up early and packed my gear. Then headed across the bridge to Wales. I found a place to eat in Chepstow and met Pete and Pippa Gardner ( Lovely prayer people from Wales.)Pip kindly brought hone made fruit cake which fueled my journey North. We had a great connect with a number of mutual friends and traded stories for a couple of hours. What a great time !

Pete and Pip Gardner

After our extended breakfast I started to wend my way North towards Ross on Wye and Ledbury. Such a super area, I passed through the Severn and Wye valleys and also The Forest of Dean. Ive never been through this area before it was really lush green ans fields full of maturing crops and orchards. While riding I felt Holy Spirit say between Ross on Wye and Ledbury that “He was going to give fresh strategy for His farmers. They would grow different crops but it would come though in a similar way to “Faith like potatoes”. “

Grapes growing for harvest
Mile after mile of fast rolling roads.

Not many other divine appointments other than with my hosts Mark and Olga who were formerly from Devon. I was fed, treated like royalty and we spent some good time catching up.

Saturday 21st I’m going to head back to Devon to see family for a few days. Please keep checking back for further updates.


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