Day 5 – Granton On Spey to Braemar

A good day if a bit cold and wet.. I said goodbye to Andy, Claire and Flora and headed through Tomintoul towards the Lecht ski area. The church in Tomintoul was open for their Sunday service so I dropped in for 15 minutes and then carried on my way south (ish).

It was surely a day of climbing up hill (by bike) the weather initally was good but after Tomintoul the cloud rolled in and the rain started. My jacket wetted out (ceased to hold off the water) and then leaked through to my fleece layers.. it was cold likely 3 degrees up high.

Heading for The Lecht

I passed the Lecht ski area at 2090Ft and then was more cautious than usual for the decent .. it was so steep and wet with numerous hairpins..

Andy said to me there was a few “up and downs” he certainly wasn’t wrong.. the pass after the lecht was equally as challenging and then the next one across to balmoral was again pretty full on with each uphill taking over 40 minutes of consistent effort..

Today had free entry at Balmoral and just spent sometime praying for the monarchy and those in leadership over the UK.

Additonally, i have found the Scottish people again amazing! But I have also been very struck by the orphan spirit that is so prevalent in Scotland so many people striving in different ways to receive affirmation when their Father in heaven has this ready for them if they just say yes to him!

The journey continues tomorrow. South over more mountains towards Blairgowrie.

I’m off to bed! Zzzzzzz Jim


  1. Jane

    Well done Jim. Sounds like it’s been quite a challenge but a good day today. We are with you in prayer. Praying for a good refreshing sleep tonight and a blessed day tomorrow. Thanks for the great photos

  2. Karen

    We are praying with and for you Jim… Love that you’re praying for the monarchy and love the cross over your head in the photo! Wow… that’s some wild weather and biking, but I see you leading a charge of angels, like streams of light, through the land! I also see a vision of you burrowing very deeply into the land and planting flags throughout the land with the Lion of the Tribe of Judah on them.

  3. Tracey brooks

    thanks for great updates Jim keep going!!!!

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