Day 4 Evanton to Granton on Spey

Left friends Ken and Hazel at Kiltearn Guest House and was riding by 8.15. I had no real concept of what route I was to take I was just keen to stay off the A9.

Had a few games with my riding App Komoot.. it didn’t want to let me cross the Cromarty Firth bridge so eventually it yielded and over I went. Two lanes.. very narrow and many very big trucks. As soon as I’d crossed over to the black Isle I headed into the lanes and hills!

So beautiful!

I pressed on South to Inverness seeing more new lambs and a red kite soaring overhead. Had a lovely 30 minutes with a local farmer and logging  contractor and then arrived in Inverness just before 11.30.

We have started a prayer call each day at 12.15 so with a headset in and still covering the miles we prayed for Scotland to take its place as a nation.(I your interested in joining please get intouch)

Through a friend (Andy Nias) originally from Braunton, I was connected with Jim and Rachel in Granton on Spey. I was due to camp on their lawn but they generously gave me a bed.

Jim and myself chatted til late with much common ground regarding travel, bikes and previous adventures.

Meanwhile back at home Mary is busy having doorstep adventures with the children and we’ve had some new additions on the farm…

Spring Lambs ! We are a bit  behind the Devon curve but the warmer dryer weather has been helpful !

So yesterday i covered 91km.. 5 hours riding time… with over 1km of uphill.. no surprises..

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