Day 23 Thurso to John O Groats

By this point in any trip or expedition you find a few things start to find their place… beards really have a life of their own! You actually know where everything is and your daily rhythms work well…

All the “where have I put that?” Has found the best fit for your sleeping bag, tent, stove, wash kit etc. This in turn means your not unnecessarily unpacking and re packing and can be so much more efficient.

Beard growing well with initial indications of wisdom coming through! Ha

I left my accommodation at 8am and took two leisurely hours covering the 40ish km to the finish. So thankful to God for such a opportunity! To feel and see so much of the British Isles at a speed where you get to see and feel what is going on has been priceless.

I made my may through Thurso Town, across the narrow Bridge and out onto the gently sloping hills. With a following wind it was easy to maintain a good 20km an hour.

Thurso Town

The last 8km were just a great time to pray and thank Jesus for what He is doing and what He has already done for the UK.

Orkney Islands in the background

I arrived at John O Groats 10am. With family on a whatsapp call so they could see what it was like. Then friends that connected with the trip joined me for a zoom prayer meeting. With repentance and joy, asking The Lord to move again on and in this Land.

A number of prophetic words were shared. It was a great time.

After a few minutes to enjoy the moment, knowing The Lord’s pleasure and a job well done. I met Paul Tollett, a friend who lives near Inverness but previously in North Devon. I dismantled my bike into the bike bag put it into Paul’s car ready for the airport.

I flew out of Inverness on time and arrived with at Bristol Airport at 6pm. Re-built my bike by the baggage carrousel and rode out of the airport to meet the family.

What an amazing experience. To travel and pray the length of the country. Met, stayed with and prayed with so many incredible people. I believe this is the first in a number of such Prayer assignments.

Thanks for reading and joining the journey.

Jim Ware 22nd June 2022

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