Day 21 Stornoway to Ullapool to Rosehill

Had intended to get the early ferry to Ullapool but due to the late night decided on the afternoon ferry. I arrive in Ullapool 5pm ish and I’ll start heading east then North. More later.. thanks Jim

Leaving Stornoway
You know the seas get big when they have to teather every chair !!

So i did arrive in Ullapool as described nothing remarkable then just some very big hills! As the evening started to draw in ( Almost an hour later in Scotland than in Devon) I was being bitten by midges. Thousands of them. I got Mary to make some calls re hotels but all were booked. We prayed on the phone as I rode along and 2 minutes later I see some lights ahead that look like a hotel. I check reception.. the princely some of 55 pounds B and B. The guy looked me up and down and politely, after stowing my bike, showed me round the back to the bar as not to disturb their more upper class residents. Ha

You see I’d stumbled over one of the premier fly fishing destinations for salmon in the UK with visitors paying big money to fish the rivers around the hotel.

When usherd into the bar there was one guy talking to the bar you may guess.. my questions start.. ‘so what’s your name?’ ‘Where you from ?’ What do you do?’ I found out the chap in the bar was the ‘Gillie’ he was the one responsible for ensuring the residents fished the right places and had a good time.

He graciously asked me the same questions and then asked what I did for work ? (What a great question) I gave him the short version (about 20 minutes ha) about how I lead a prayer room now and how I got into that and all the associated miracles. He was clearly touched.. a few minutes later I gave him the book try praying and he couldn’t get into it quick enough. What a blessing to share the hope and Love of Jesus.

Food and sleep followed.

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