Day 21 Sevenoaks to Ashford

Got back to the same spot from yesterday evening in Sevenoaks after an early train from Denmark Hill. I knew I had 70km to do so immediately spoke to the family and got rolling.

There was zero warm up, you leave the Sevenoaks station and it’s like a wall for seven or 8 minutes upto the town 🙂

Id had a tip off that if I can get my bike in, the deer park is well worth a visit and enroute so I found what was called the hole in the wall, through the gate and I was greeted with two happy deer looking at me! I just felt God’s love and pleasure..amazing!

One of two.. actually one of about sixty!

So I made my way slowly through the park enjoying these magnificent creatures and popped out 5km closer to my destination.. still 65km to go though.. the route I’d taken had again tried to avoid all main roads and obviously motorways! (Other than to pray over and for those travelling for safety and protection)

I continued through some lovely villages with many apple orchards beside the roads, it was warm.. 23 degrees  but lovely conditions for riding a bike! I Stopped for a bite to eat in Headcorn and while sitting in the shade on a park bench a lady and her husband walked past me and she read the back of my shirt and stopped to ask more. .. we had a great few minutes and had the opportunity to pray for them and their ministry.

The church tower in x same design as the one in Lincoln..

I continued over to Ashford and met Mark Hirst a local baptist pastor. Wee had recently been in Swotzerland together, we had a great time praying and trading stories. Mark generously has stored my bike for me while we have a family holiday and then in a couple of weeks I will head back to Ashford and continue along the South Coast.

Long neck sheep nr Ashford.

Mark generously gave me a lift to the station where u picked up my trains back to Devon. On my way through Paddington station the Lord was telling me about a young chap and how he was going to us him. Knowing I only had a few seconds of obedience.. I went and told him what I felt The Lord saying and he received the word.

Now on the train home.. thanks for your messages and encouragement. I will be back out again in 2 weeks. Gb Jim

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