Day 2. Mevagissy to Plymouth

Another eventful day… with some nice ridge rides and deep valleys..

I had the privilege of staying with Matt Noble last night in Truro. He’d used the tracker and come and found me yesterday. I then rode to Mevagissey he picked me up gave me food and a bed ( not to mention a ministry opportunity) and then this morning he dropped me back to the same spot so I could seamlessly continue.

Matt Noble – Friend and Pastor from Truro.

I left Mevagissey via a huge hill up past the church.. so steep they had to make it of concrete not tarmac!! Once clear I headed up and over multiple hills to St Austell where I met Jon White for breakfast. We had a great time praying in two churches.. For Cornwall particularly and the UK. Matthew 13 let eyes see, ears hear and hearts understand…

Jon White

Then the riding started in ernest! As I was cresting my 1st hill out of St Austell I was overtaken by a 70 year old male on an electric bike who announced with a big grin ” I’m cheating” I quickly shouted across and asked if he was local as I wanted directions to Par. He told me to just follow him as that was his destination and then immediately pressed thr accelerator to max we were averaging a cool 26 mph and he wasn’t even breaking a sweat.. the same couldn’t be said for me !!!

I left Andrew (electric bike man) at Par and continued towards Fowey (pronounced Foy by locals) a beautiful little place packed with tourists. I went to the far quay and headed for Polruan after a worship time in the church at Fowey. After the paseenger ferry I sat and had some lunch at Polruan.

Bike on boat


I got my water bottles filled at the pub (with water) and continued praying and worshiping as I rode along. Other then rembered an old friend near Menheniot so decided to head for there. What my map didn’t show me was the contours !!!! A very hilly ride and the later start meant it was already 5pm but that didnt matter. I met John Howard an older gentleman I worked with (we both as Police chaplains ) he has such an amazing heart. We chatted and prayed together and then he bid me farewell.

At this point I had been unsure as to head for Tavistock or Plymouth but found friends in Plymouth were available and willing to feed and felt Jesus didn’t mind. The longest 27km followed seeing Plymouth from a very different angle than usual. In the process I also crossed the Tamar River at Saltash which was a great moment clearing Cornwall and entering Devon.

Thanks for praying Jim

Here’s a short video from the days ride.

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