Day 19 Colchester to london

My apologies blogs a little behind I needed to download an update.. today would be different as it was a ride along.. with Richard Wells joining me for the day.

The Tortoise and The Hare

An early start after staying in London overnight and then a train from Liverpool St to Colchester. We had  a lovely chat with a very chearful train guard, (Ellen) and had opportunity to share what I was doing and give her a copy of ‘trypraying’..  (do pray for her) we alighted the train, found the spot I had left the day before (joining the dots) prayed, and then followed the sat nav up onto the old boundary wall and prayed for Colchester and and specifically it’s young people .

We headed South and found the main military base where the cyclepath went through and around it. We spent some-time praying for the soldiers,their families and an awakening on the base. We then pedaled onto what’s known as MCTC – formerly known as the glasshouse – the military correction facility..  asking Jesus for mercy and no injustice..

Next we turned South West towards Billeracy and there we made our first stop at the Tiptree Cafe (Just outside of Tiptree actually)

After refueling… made our way though the lanes to Stoke and then under Brentwood and into Hornchurch along the cycleway on the A13 eventually into Canning Town. We then cut through to Lime House Docks and then along the Thames to Tower Bridge. (105km to this point) after a time of Prayer we headed across London via Oxford St to Primrose Hill (which was packed with people) but was such a lovely evening to pray for London  from a high place.

Primrose Hill

Once we’d visited Primrose Hill we dropped back into the city and headed down the Mall to Buckingham Palace then onto Westminster praying at each venue as we went.

We eventually got back to Richards house at 9.30p.m. Jesus we ask you to move in London and cause it to take its place. Amen


  1. James Dennis

    What a day! You covered a lot of ground there, both geographically and spiritually. Nice photos too.

  2. Alistair and Marie Petrie

    Amazing journey – quite profound watching the Lord develop a Divine tapestry in how He has led you and been with you in every part of this journey. May the fruit of this assignment be seen across the nation in ways He has been preparing through each place you have gone and on each road you have cycled.

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