Day 18 random field to Colchester

I was woken at 4 am so was thrilled yo get a lie in!  I packed my gear at 6.30 and then started rolling towards my first meeting with a Caroline Anderson near Ipswich. The sat nav said one and a half hours but within 10 metres I had a puncture so one tube out and another in I was soon again moving through lovely Suffolk villages before the heat of the day.

My thermarest seen better days know has a football in the middle of it !
Early morning sunrise

I met Caroline at a farmhouse/cafe near the village of Woodbridge. Had a fantastic full English and opportunity to swap stories with Caroline. (If you get to spend anytime with her do  ask for her back story.. tia amazing!)

I then rolled on without any time constraints, when past the Quay in Ipswich and then ontowards Colchester. It was in the lanes I found my next appointment. A local cyclist called Jon caught me up while I was Intereogating komoot (Navigation App) he asked if I was OK and as our conversation opened up he asked what I was doing and then why! Turns out he had faith and was in hospital words ‘a recovering Catholic’ we had a lovely ten minutes sat over our bikes sharing stories about our lives and the way Jesus sent us the trainees at the house of prayer.

As I got closer to Colchester the farmers had their irrigation systems in place and as I stood and received a gentle shower these rainbows appeared..

I was planning another bivi south of Colchester but chatted to a friend in London who offered me a bed so I got the train to Lime St and will return to the same spot in the morning and head into London. Jim

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