Day 18 Oban to Bara

About 3 minutes riding from hotel to ferry port. Afternoon sailing from Oban arriving Bara Outer Hebridies 5.50pm.

I tried to update day 17 but wordpress wont let me. On arrival in Oban due to being so wet i went to the premier inn. I missed the last room by a few minutes.. back into prayer… the Royal hotel had space so i paid and then proceeded to squeeze my bike and all my gear into quite a small Lift !!

Day 18 starts here…After a leisurely / slow start I went down for breakfast to look out the window and see the only outdoor shop in Oban right ne@t to the hotel. It must be the Lord I thought !

When I was in the lakes I tried to pick up a new waterproof jacket as my current goretex has done 6 years service is now leaking. I found a Rab waterproof, more than sufficient for my needs at a great price. Thank you Jesus. The prospect of going self suportef to the Outer Hebredies with a jacket that had a number of similarities to a kitchen sieve meant this was somewhat of a relief. 藍

No idea what I’ve taken a photo of in the water !!

Jesus we so want to see a move of you again in the British Isles. Lord we are aware of our sin and the sins of the people. We are so sorry how we grieve your heart. Please come again in power. Please  change our hearts and our minds. Help is walk according to your calling. Jesus as we are constantly asailed by the devil. Help us press into you and overcome. Help us get our eyes off ourselves and follow you humbly and obediently. Please anoint us with boldness to preach your Gospel everywhere we go. In Jesus name Amen.

I mentioned last night, as many of you know , July 2017 (5 not 4 years) I found myself, after we’d had recently purchased the prayer room, in surgery. A perforated appendix with peritonitis meant it was getting very serious for me. Praise Jesus for him bringing me back into the game (as it were). I think back to that time when I lay there in my hospital bed for weeks when there was, what appeared, no “way out” the intercessors and friends who surrounded us I will forever think fondly.

When I reflect back on that time, the following two years of dietary implications. The fact I lost 20kg and now I get to do a trip like this, with and for Jesus is so humbling.

I arrived in Bara knowing the last connection to Eriskay had already gone so made my way the 14km up the east coast with the wind on my back. When I arrived I Met a guy called Craig who was a ski mountaineer and an officianardo in all things ‘cycle touring’ across the islands. We bivied near each other chatted late into the evening trading stories, finding we had a mutual acquaintance. Small world at times.


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  1. Yolanda

    Hi Jim! You have a lovely gift with words! Rejoicing with you re the waterproof jacket! A must have in precious Scotland! Not long to go now….
    I bless you with a fully redeemed month of July – that the 2017 July trauma month will be turned this year to a month of great rejoicing and great joy as you and your family celebrate being reunited around a Jesus dream fulfilled a tree of life to you all! May your gut be filled and overflow with rivers of living water and praises!

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