Day 17 Seamill to Oban

Started the day in the prayer room. It’s always the best way.. Just like being in NDHOP it was So wonderful. Over breakfast caught up with a few people and then reluctantly thought about leaving. I’d kind of processed I’d catch the second boat from Ardrossan but then thought about the implications and so made a sprint for the first boat.

I hastily chucked everything in my panniers racing the gps I got a ticket and joined the back of the foot passenger que with 4 minutes to spare..

Arrived in Brodick on Arran and it rapidly started to rain. Continued anyway and made my way up the 14 miles on the East of the island. Some big hills for a small island but about 3 miles of downhill to the ferry port. Yeehaa!  See video below.

Arrived at Lochranaza 30 minutes early so got myself an ice cream (Rude not to) and just took in the view.

Unloaded from the ferry after the 30 minute crossing and then continued up towards Tarbert. The guy from the ferry said it would only take 30 minutes by bike. He was either teasing or needs to start racing as it took me over an hour!

I just started pushing (well riding) North but was well aware I needed to be within 10 miles of Oban so I could sort out some personal admin in the morning before my ferry to The Outer Hebradies.

I was intending to bivi out but it got so wet I took a hotel in Oban when I finally arrived. Somewhat surprised I’d managed such a ride with panniers and the fact that 4 years ago I was so poorly I lost 3 stone and was u sure if I’d make it back to do projects like this.. literally Thabk you Jesus !


  1. Pip

    Awesome! Glad you didn’t get a speeding ticket down that hill!!!

    1. Jim Ware

      Thanks Pip the hills got steeper and faster…

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