Day 17 Norwich to some field

I was generously invited to a guys discipleship and accountability group at 630am.. it was awesome to so future leaders desiring to be pure and holy was beautiful! That finished at 8am so I quickly grabbed a banana and rode a short distance to meet Nigel Fox. A previous methodist leader and now intercessor.


I was so grateful for people’s flexibility and generosity with their time. As I left Nigel one thing started to go wrong.. my freehub body had broken causing a creeking noise and on advice I needed a new wheel.

The bike mechanic.. needed some lubricant should we say.. so when I went in to collect my wheel I spent sometime extracting his back story..  he’d visited Devon previously and just had opportunity to speak hope and call forth his destiny. I was just about to leave the shop and then felt to return to offer to pray which he gladly received.

I was meant to be in Lowestoft but with the wheel issues I couldn’t get over in time.. not helped by my satnav that saw 2xback lanes and joined them up across the Norfolk broads so I found myself on the riverbank with some serious miles to make up!

My recompense was another 10km but the silverlining was a waterfront pub, a basket of chips and a pint of shandy in the sunshine next to the chain ferry!

I shared my crossing with four other cyclists.. not the happiest but there you go.. one told me of the powerboat racing happening just outside lowestoft.. it was free in the park so would have been rude not to !

The real highlight was getting to give my testimony to some people watching.. one of which had the same story as myself !

So once I was done with power boating I rolled down through Lowerstoft to Ness Point. The most Easterly point on the Uk mainland where I met a father and son team from Bournmouth visiting the 4 outerpoints of the UK mainland.. they assumed I was doing same but had a great opportunity to share about pedal and pray and what I was doing.

Lowestoft was interesting, much deprivation but this weekend there is a summer solstice celebration which would be good to pray for…

Knowing tomorrow I had a meeting south of lowerstoft towards Ipswich and I was nearly three hours from that village I decided to press on into the evening praying as I went. As darkness started to fall I had my eyes open for a field entrance where I could tuck in behind a hedge.  There are a few considerations to this technique: 1. Don’t go to the toilet at your bivi spot. (It’s not fair in farmers) 2. Arrive late and be gone very early. 4. Take every bit of rubbish with you and 5. Pray for the Land and bless the farmers and their crops.

I ended up in the unsown corner of a field of potatoes.. more tomorrow

Ness Point


  1. James Dennis

    Good going Jim. I’m afraid those headwinds are the price we pay for living in a flat area. There’s no hiding from them. Give me a hill any day! Great to hear of all the God appointments. Be blessed.

    1. Jim Ware

      Thanks James

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