Day 16 Sutton Bridge to Norwich

Last night’s camp spot 🤣

I departed Mark and Rebekha’s at 8.15 and was into lovely back lanes and a headwind! That wasn’t about to abate and lasted all day.  

I stayed away from main roads as much as possible and dropped into Kingslynn for a spot of breakfast. (Yum) Back on the road towards Dareham and passed so.e really beautiful lakes with their own beach !!!

Inland beach

It felt like someone had moved Norwich further away! With lots of doubling back on cycle routes, I got to my lunch stop at middleton. In the morning (as I regularly do) I’d asked The Lord for Divine Appointments.. he did not disappoint.. (sure I have to get out the boat a little but that’s faith? )So there was a chap sat at the table opposite me, I asked if he was local so I could ask directions but he said “no” I’m from Sydney. Aus. He politely asked me what I was doing at which point he also shared a then told me he was a believer in Jesus. We shared for about an hour and then prayed together.. so good!

Meet Ross !

I still had a long way to go so headed off towards Norwich. It was a long way but felt to track down a mutual friend and past acquaintance, JJ Waters who I knew lived in Norwich. I eventually got hold of him and he agreed to flex his calendar and we had a great time as well as praying and prophesying over each other. Such lovely people with big hearts for God!

JJ and Lza Waters

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