Day 15 Eaglesfield to Ayr

Longest day so far.. 123km ws hoping to get across to the Ywam base at Seamill. Satnav said 30 miles at 5pm and 56 miles at 6 30pm after I’d ridden 12 miles !!!!!!! Thus it wasn’t to be…

My day started in the home of Andrew and Jean Cook. (I’d actually gone to bed there to so that was a relief!) I Arrived later than planned the day before but they were very gracious and had a hot meal waiting. Had a great connect with them sharing stories and praying for each other.

More of the same over breakfast with a slightly later start as had a long day the previous day. Little did I know I was about to beat my distance.. with body holding up well i set off.

In my planning I’d been a little concerned that the section across Dumfries has some pretty major roads that would be busy particularly with routes to Glasgow and ferries at Stranraer /Cairnryan. Not much in the way of minor roads across the area. With the prospect of an 8hr slog up “A roads’ with trucks whistling past was not what I was looking for. The Holy Spirit gave me a route (see below) that avoided the ministry roads until it was late in the day and everyone had gone home.. PTL.

About half way through the day my panniers were squeeking. I thought it was the rack with aluminium on steel but after some fiddling found it to be the plastic clips. After 4 hours.. quiet!

As I was coming down out of the hills towards Dalmellington I thought I’d make a run for it up to Seamill the Ywam base on the west coast near West Kilbride. My satnav said 10 miles to Ayr and 20 to Seamill. So at 5pm thinking ‘I could make it today.. ‘ I set off pretty quickly down out of the hills. The problem… when I double checked, my sat nav said (at 6.30pm) that I was 56 miles from Seamill.. I was gutted. I know God had destiny on my visiting but the reason why would have to wait!

Once realising I wasn’t going to make it I changed my plan. I looked to camp just outside of Ayr so started looking for a campsite. 10 minutes later tent was pitched next to a small river and I was being eaten by the famous Scottish midge!!.

I climbed into the tent thinking ‘they wont fet me here..’Only to find they were climbing through the midge net so i found myself with a cloud of midges inside my one man tent!!! Without a sense of humor failure (it was close) I packed my gear and started pedaling again. As I made my way back to the road a chap shouted me down. (He was on a mountain bike) we connected and after a mile or so and a but of a chat he invited me to his home for a coffee and biscuits. I got to meet his family. Explain about Jesus and why I was doing this project. Giving was his name lovely bloke.

Dumfries Hills

One thing I’ve found here in Scotland. I’ve found some of the nicest people, happy, helpful, kind and generous.

After a coffee stop I continued towards Ayr and found a rural road junction with 20 metre verges so as it was 10pm I set up my bivi tent. Got in my sleeping bag and fell asleep.

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  1. Steve Fripp

    Hi Jim left donation for you on Ndhop page . Was praying last two weeks and felt father say to give when you were in Scotland.
    You’re certainly clocking the mobiles !! Press on , God bless you. Steve

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