Day 14 – Beverley to Bardney (Lincolnshire)

It was already raining by the time I opened the door to walk to the prayer room at King’s Church.. it was going to be wet.. I had prayed it would stop, but I think some farmers must have been praying more !! Haha

I left King’s Church at 8.45 after excusing myself from morning prayers. Was so great to see such a committed bunch going after Jesus!

I rolled through Beverley (Briefly praying) outside the Minster and then continuing the 8 miles towards the Humber bridge.

Riding a bike in the rain is a bit like abseiling… once your over the edge you get on with it.. so knowing my skin was waterproof under my now sodden cycling gear was a relief!!!  I’d only been riding 40 minutes and felt like I’d been standing in a shower fully dressed! I just cracked on worshipping and praying.

The sat nav wanted me on the East Side of the Humber bridge but the path was closed so after a double back for ten minutes I found a way through.

The Humber is vast…I stopped halfway over the bridge to pray and listen then clearing yorkshire made my way into Lincolnshire.

No great divine appointments/ connections until I arrived in Bardney. Found I had broken a  spoke and a local mechanic (friend of my hosts) very kindly sorted it for free. I had opportunity to pray for him and his business..

Before diner had a walk to the community grocery and coffee shop all established on kingdom principles. Amazing!

Community Grocery

A very wet Jim arriving at Pete and Kath Atkins House. Grateful not to be in a bivi tonight!

Heading home tomorrow, phase 3 in a couple of weeks! GB Jim


  1. James Dennis

    Well done Jim. You’ve covered some serious distances!

    1. Jim Ware

      Thanks James.. very very wet yesterday.. like they borrowed rain from Devon

  2. E

    Well done Dad!

    1. Jim Ware

      Thanks E

  3. Chris Eales

    Well done
    Not so enjoyable in constant rain
    Well done on persevering
    Enjoy a good rest

  4. Shaun McCarthy

    Well done Jim

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