Day 11 – Sunderland to Stokesley

Not such an early start, my hosts Tim and Carina Lloyd had offered me full English breakfast and it would have been  rude not to!

So after leisurely start and a lovely time of conversation and then worship I packed my stuff and headed south once again.

Carissa, Carina and Tim Lloyd (In that order)

I worked my way through Sunderland to eventually reach a cycle path that took me down through many villages and farms and eventually popped put at Stockton on tees. I’d had a lovely opportunity to share what I was doing with a local chap otherwise it was just praying ad I rode on.

Once again was really struck by the deprivation so made a point to pray, particularly for the rising generations..

I arrived in Stokesley 5 hours later and am staying with Lester and Gwen Matthews, Lester was one of my old lecturers from Birmingham College of Food Touirsm and Creative Studies back in 2000 and The Lord recently said Lester’s name and encouraged me to look him out. The same day a friend of Lester’s had advertised an old canoe on Facebook and had referred to Lester so I contacted the chap and asked for Lester’s Number. So here I am..

Less photos today more tomorrow

GB Jim

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  1. James Dennis

    What great provision! Hope you’re enjoying the ride: an area of the country I’ve had no experience of. Praying for you.

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