Day 11 Stoke on Trent – Bury

Had a late night last night visiting Beacon House of Prayer in Stoke. Was great to pray and worship together. Always feels like home!

My hosts Kev and Katie from Beacon HOP.

My hosts were staying til midnight to complete 40 hours of Prayer and I joined them. Perhaps not the wisest idea after all the riding 🙂 not feeling particularly effective but heart was willing!

Had some extra sleep this morning and then went across town to see Katie’s Dad and Mum. Her Dad (Pete) has very kindly helped me out with chainsaws and generators for the farm so was good to see him and pray for Katie’s mum.

Back across to Sneyd area of Stoke, had some sandwiches made for me. Packed my panniers and at 12 noon rolled out of town. It was a North wind again and it was cold. It took til congleton (6 miles) to get circulation into my hands.

Once underway it was good, praying as The Lord would speak or bring things to remembrance.

It seemed to take forever to reach and cross Manchester. There seemed to be no easy route with so many motorways and main roads “in the way”.

Manchester from Alderly Edge

I visited Alderly Edge a rock outcrop with vast views across to Manchester with a fast downhill into the village (same name). While passing through I saw a cyclist having a coffee on his own. I asked if he was local and then requested some directions that he willingly offered. Some 20 minutes later he caught me.. sailing along effortlessly on his carbon fibre machine 🙂 with all the latest disc brakes. I just about “held” his back wheel as he towed (I was drafting) me all the way Into Didsbury. He certainly increased my average speed and my heart rate !

He then shouted me coffee at Nero in Didsbury. A lovely time hearing some of his lifestyle and then sharing with him all that Jesus has done in us and through us. Sometimes it’s good just to sow seeds…

That wasnt the end of my day. I’d tried to connect with two prayer leaders but they were busy on family days so I choose to keep pedaling through the City Centre and on towards Bury. Interestingly the birth place and home of Sir Robert Peel. Prime Minster and founder of The Metropolitan Police. (Not to mention a founder of the modern day Conservative party)

A friend kindly brought me a night’s stay in The Premier Inn, Bury.

Mary continues to renovate our mobile home while looking after 5 children and their friends. Never mind getting sheep sheared and usual duties. We’ll done Mary.

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  1. Jane

    Hi Jim
    What an incredible journey you are having. I really enjoy the photos and reports every day. Weather looks as if it’s been reasonable for you.
    We’ve had a few extraordinary downpours, and HOP kitchen had a good sized puddle in it this morning!! All cleared up now.
    Having some great times at HOP. Watches are going well.
    Hope you get a good rest tonight and a great pedal and pray day tomorrow!!
    God bless, keep safe.

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