Day 10 (part 2)

Alnmouth to Sunderland. 70km.. not bad for an evenings work!

I left Devon at 6.40 this morning and drove to the Midlands and left my car at my sisters house.

Jumped on a train in her village and headed North.. Stafford first change then change again at Carlisle and again at Newcastle.

Had some great connections with people on the train  George (i don’t know his actual name) had a good chat about the current regional issues he’s noticed and got to explain about pedal and pray. I also me two lovely tourists cyclists Jeff from Idaho and his friend from Germany who’d just completed a week touring the lake district. Jeff was from Idaho and turned put to be a believer!

Once at Almouth Bob and Mary Bain very graciously came to pray for me and see me off.

Prayer meeting at Alnmouth

While in the train I’d been assessing my route options and Google suggested 3hrs 40 and Komoot (the touring app I use) suggested 6 and a half hours. I choose a hybrid between the two..

The route I choose took me past Warkworth Castle..  a very imposing place but you could still feel the fear that had been imposed to control the people of the region.. a few miles further unbeknown to me I passed the Northumberland prison and spent some time praying outside it.

It was a beautiful evening. Wind from the east and broadly flat. Stopped in a few villages to pray and say hello to a few people and then continued on South to the Tyne Tunnel.

The route to the tunnel was interesting! Lots of young people in groups riding with me on the cycle paths on motorcycles and doing wheelies for what seemed like ages.. it just caused my heart to again be broken for this younger generation. They need vision and leadership.  What some of those young lads could do on a motorcycle was amazing and they just needed a workshop and teach a leader who could teach them how to do business and they would be away.

One of the four Tyne tunnels.. just for cyclists ! Bravo

At the end of the tunnel I met Kyle a young man who had been visiting family in South Shields and was walking back to Jarrow. We exchanged pleasantries, and he then asked me what I did for work! A lovely divine appointment followed where we talked about the spiritual realm and I shared Jesus with him.

I arrived in Sunderland at 9.30pm legs a little sore but had a great connect with Tim and Carina Lloyd, who had graciously offered to put me up!


  1. James Dennis

    Good work! Praying for you today.

  2. Buddy

    love you dad hope you come back soon!!!! well done

    1. Jim Ware

      Thanks Buddy

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