Back Healed 2

P & H who regularly come to the House of Prayer were blessed to be a part of this healing:

“A lady from our fellowship asked us to pray for her.  Her back had gone out while at school and she was sent to hospital.  She was given pain killers and muscle relaxants which knocked her out.  She really felt that God was asking her to seek healing through people in our fellowship.

When she answered the door she could hardly walk and was anxious to return to school for the Easter Service.  We read James 5: 14-16.  The lady asked forgiveness for her attitude to a staff member and we anointed her with oil.  We prayed in faith that her back would be healed.  After prayer we asked her how she felt and if she could do something that she couldn’t before prayer.
She stood up straight and began to swing her arms backwards and move her hips.  She then bent down to touch her toes.  She was healed – praise god.  She returned to school for the Easter service to her colleagues amazement.”

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