Lands End Day 1

An eventful day with a number of divine appointments. We left the hotel at 04.40 this morning as a family to drop me at Lands end for first light. All my gear was already packed in panniers and bike in the van. I started riding at 05.30 arriving back in Penzance via Mousehole just after 7am.   

Mousehole at 0600 this morning.

Arriving back at the hotel I then had breakfast with the family which was lovely! The night before Josh had been adamant I needed to speak to the six chaps next to our table. … this morning was clearly the time! I asked them if their was a reason for their LEJOG and they said they were a church group !! Thank you Jesus. We all had a great time of Prayer in the restaurant and then blessed each other on our respective journeys.

I then again bidded fairwell and headed off towards Marazion and St Michael’s Mount. Very windy from the east but glorious sunshine. 

Mount St Michael. Marazion. Had a great chat with a local guy and let him knownwhaybi was doing 👌

From Marazion headed towards Falmouth with a couple of stops. I passed an open methodist church and felt to go and pray for them which they gratefully received. I continued into Falmouth and then met with family and friends (Jon and Anna white) at Swanpool beach. Had a spot of lunch a time of Prayer (of course) and then back on the road this time to the otherwise of Falmouth by the maritime museum. I arrived with a few minutes to spare and got the boat across to St Mawes. Again very windy and one very very steep hill put of St Mawes I thought I was going to be walking but managed to stay on the bike 👍😎

Here’s a screen shot from my GPS.

As I arrived at St Mawes the weather broke the rain started. I picked up a slice of bakewell and pressed on … 

St Mawes Harbour

The next miles were hard uphill.. very literally up.. hill ! I only had 25km to make it to Mevagissy but the legs were tired and the wind and the rain didn’t give much restbite.

It was a happy sight to see a friend as I peddled along the Roseland peninsula. I’d messaged him prior to me coming to Cornwall I’d messaged him again in a lay-by to say I’d be near and if he was available to find me from tracker on the website. 2 minutes after I messaged him. He was parked next to me in a lay-by 😎

I arrived into a wet Mevagissy and was then collected by the same friend and taken to a warm bed and dinner. A great day!

A slightly inclement Mevagissy.

More tomorrow.. blessings Jim


  1. Jane

    Well done Jim on your first day. Sounds like a difficult end but amazing that you pushed through. Great to hear you have a bed and a hot meal tonight. I’m sure you’ll sleep well! God bless. I pray the weather will be a lot kinder to you tomorrow.

  2. Gill Linder

    Jim, I’m sat at home and looking through your journey for Jesus, God will honour your efforts and bring a blessing you never expected!

    God Bless


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