What’s on…

Please see below for all upcoming dates and events…

1. 10th July Worship Night 7.30pm 10th July @ NDHOP
2. 16th July – Jim Speaking at South Molton Baptist Church with NDHOP Worship Band 10:30am EX36 4BH
3. 19th July – Celebration – Completion of Connect Course and year 1 + year 2 Internships.
4. 26th July – Women’s Watch – 7.30pm at NDHOP
5. 28th – 29th July 24hours of Prayer @ NDHOP. sign up for an hour or more… Come and meet with Jesus. see 24hours
6. 30th July 2017 – Jim Ware and NDHOP Band leading worship at Grosvenor Church.
7. 31st July 2017 – NDHOP Reduced timetable to enable maintenance – All Welcome to come and help renovate prayer room.
8. more dates to follow.

Please contact the office for more information info@ndhop.org or 01271321607